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Job Seeker of the Week, Ashely aged 19

Job Seeker of the Week - Ashlee, aged 19

How long have you lived in the Northern Territory?
2 and a half months
Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am 19 years old, I recently moved from Launceston Tasmania
What were you doing before Transition to Work?
I worked at Woolworths
What is your dream job?
To work in Business Administration
What have you been doing with Transition to Work to become work ready?
I recently completed My Responsible Service of Alcohol and my Responsible Service of Gambling
Would you recommend Transition to Work to others?
Yes i would, Transition to Work prepares you for the work industry, giving you the confidence you need to succeed and the support to reach your goals.
Are you ready to start work/education?
Yes I am, i am ready to gain new work skills and meet new people
Why should people hire you?
I am a hardworker, friendly and have a bubbly personality
A note from the YouthWorX NT team – Since joining TtW Ashlee has successfully gained casual employment at The HUB but is seeking full time work. Ashlee is well presented, driven and any organisation would be lucky to have her join their team.
*** Please contact the YouthWorX NT team on (08) 8981 8870 if you would like to find out more information or if you know of an opportunity for Ashlee.

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