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Career Launchpad

The Career Launchpad service provides one-to-one and small group specialised career coaching.  Vocational support for talented young people with different abilities in their transition from school into the world of adulthood and work.


What we do

12 months of service will be offered to identified young people who are transitioning out of either Year 11 or Year 12 mainstream schooling in Darwin, Palmerston and surrounds. 

We offer a safe, supportive environment for these young people to engage in a well-established, specialised youth career service along with their ‘mainstream’ peers.


What you can expect

  • a 12-month period of access to vocational guidance, skills and capabilities building and real-world opportunities;
  • the development of a dynamic, well designed career plan.
  • supported work placement in an open employment setting
  • on-the-job vocational training; and
  • training and support for the host organisation.

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