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YouthWorX NT believes that our young Transition to Work participants are community assets with valuable resources to contribute for the benefit of each other and the wider community.  We regard youth participation as essential to the delivery of quality services for young people.

Since 2016 YouthWorX NT youth Leadership Academy has been a cornerstone of the organisation’s commitment to giving young people a voice in shaping services and community perceptions. 


The objectives of the Leadership Academy are to:

1. Provide Youth Ambassador opportunities:

Provide opportunities for young leaders to represent YouthWorX NT, its Community of Practice and other young people as Youth Ambassadors, thereby including the voice of young people in the shaping of policy, services (including the Transition to Work service) and community perceptions.

2. Develop young leaders:

Provide opportunities for young leaders to develop work readiness skills and social and emotional competencies that include self-awareness, collaboration, empathy and relationship-building.

3. Support young leaders:

Support young leaders’ personal and career development through the provision of professional 1:1 coaching and mentoring.

4. Facilitate youth-led projects:

Support young leaders to work on projects that promote the strengths, talents and stories of young people, including projects aimed at effecting positive change in the community and peer education projects.


Activities of the Leadership Academy

The 2018/2019 Leadership Academy team engaged in activities that included:

  • Participation in face to face formal Leadership Academy meetings on at least a monthly basis, to:

    • progress team actions;

    • discuss potential activities and projects;

    • plan upcoming projects; and

    • engage in professional development.

All formal meetings followed professional meeting protocols, including minute keeping/distribution, agendas and quorum-based decision making.

  • Participation in informal ‘team connection chats’, primarily via Facetime, as an opportunity for team members to share what was going on for them in their lives, connect with each other, provide and receive support, celebrate wins and progress, and explore goals and strategies.  Importantly, these sessions served to develop team members’ social and emotional competencies, including self-awareness, collaboration, empathy and relationship-building.  Inspired by Tomkins Psychology of Affects’ blueprint for relationships, team members were encouraged to:

a)    share and reduce negative affects (listening and acknowledging);

b)    share and promote positive affects (affirmation); and

c)     express emotions (as a way of doing a and b)

  • Participation in regular 1:1 coaching/mentoring sessions with the Leadership Academy Coordinator, focused on progressing their career, mindset and life goals.
  • Planning and facilitation of projects, including:
    • The ‘Rainbow Family Night Out’ Pride Week project, involving organisation of a YouthWorX NT stall, pre-event promotional activities, hosting a filmed interview with a national LGBTIQ hotline for young people, and speaking to the general public and other agencies.
    • The 'Youth Empowerment: Sharing Stories' project, which involved the team planning and facilitating a 2-hour session for over 30 youth leadership delegates from countries around the world as part of the 2019 Ship for World Youth Darwin visit.
  • Professional development opportunities, including

    • Restorative Practices training;

    • Project planning;

    • Peer coaching principles and positive psychology fundamentals;

    • Professional communication; and

    • Team building.
  • Youth Ambassador representation, including:
    • Participation in a focus group exploring services for young people with a disability in the NT, hosting the Disability Discrimination Commissioner of the Australian Human Rights Commission;

    • Formal and informal conversations with YouthWorX NT management (regarding the TtW service) and NT and Australian Government representatives;

    • Representing YouthWorX NT and its Transition to Work service at the 2018 Skills, Employment and Careers Expo;

    • Representing the Leadership Academy and the experience of young people at the May 2019 National Employer Reference Group meeting in Sydney.


Leadership Academy Alumni

Previous members of the Leadership Academy become Honorary Alumni members, and are offered opportunities to:

  • Act as peer mentors for new team members;

  • Co-facilitate Leadership Academy activities;

  • Assist with team meetings, projects and workshops; and

  • Engage in ambassadorial opportunities, including provision of feedback and their perspectives to contribute to the development of YouthWorX NT’s Community of Practice National Youth Alliance Working Group.


For more information, please contact:  

Carina Frew
YouthWorX NT Business Service Development Advisor / Leadership Academy Coordinator

E: carina@ywnt.com.au

M: 0477 772 075




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