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Darren’s Story

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After 2 years of working in administration straight out of school, Darren decided to take some time off. This period of leave turned into complete disengagement from work and education, leaving him stuck in a relatively unproductive routine. He was referred to Transition to Work and arrived at YouthWorX NT after not having employment for some time.  

Darren sat down with his Youth Development Coach at their first appointment and was immediately vocal about his desire to make major changes to his current situation. Darren and his coach spent the two following sessions exploring pathways and career options. The consensus was clear at each encounter; Darren’s burning desire was to secure a mechanical apprenticeship!       

This impressively staunch mindset came with both pros and cons. Darren had identified his dream job, knew what he had to prepare for and was able to structure ‘smart goals’ around this aim. The downside was, unfortunately, the lack of mechanical apprenticeships that are available in the Darwin region. Darren, a man of patience, was able to use this time to his advantage. Darren and his Youth Development Coach prepared mock interviews, worked on employability areas that he wished to improve in and took time to hang out, catch up and participate in quality conversation with peers and YouthWorX NT staff. He worked on cars with his uncle, spent hours pulling apart and reassembling his own car, and even took opportunities to assist friends and family who had vehicles that required maintenance. It was clear that Darren’s passion for car mechanics was pure, and that his chosen career path matched his skills, talents, and aspirations. 

Eventually, an opportunity arose – an apprentice diesel mechanic was required for the major provider of public transport in the NT. A well-prepared Darren was notified, he confirmed he was interested, and his information was forwarded to the employer by YouthWorX NT. Not surprisingly, his resume instantly caught the recruitment team’s eye. An interview was quickly scheduled, and Darren immediately came into the YouthWorX NT office to prepare. Speaking like a natural, Darren was cool, calm, and collected in his mock interview with his Youth Development Coach. Darren was cheered on by the Transition to Work team, wishing him success on his mission. 

Darren contacted his Youth Development Coach shortly after the interview to provide an update. He was unsure of his chances, as his lack of formal experience combined with the number of applicants being interviewed, cast doubts in his mind.  Darren was advised to sit tight and that he would be contacted by the end of the week if successful.  After what felt like a long wait, Darren received the call he’d been waiting for – he had been successful in his application!  A pre-employment medical was conducted, inductions were completed, and Darren is now in his first year of a four-year journey to becoming a qualified Diesel Mechanic.


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