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Wesley’s Story

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Wesley moved to the NT with his grandmother just before the Covid19 lockdown seeking a carpentry apprenticeship. After hearing about YouthWorX NT on the radio, Wesley decided that he would contact us to see if we could assist him to pursue his long-time career ambition of becoming a carpenter.

Wesley attended several program workshops including  Career Launchpad, attended MVR to book his driving lessons and successfully participated in the Something 4 Something Dea. Wesley gained experience in stock replenishment and working on a fast-paced production line.            

Wesley built his skills and confidence by attending face-to-face appointments that he could use in the real world of work.

Wesley successfully secured a Carpentry apprenticeship with Invision NT. YouthWorX NT were then able to assist Wesley with safety boots and Hi-Viz shirts. He was very thankful as he had limited finances and was struggling to find the money to purchase the required PPE.


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